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Welcome Golf Son Gual!

Sep 30, 2007 | 18:48:04

 The latest and newest golf project of Mallorca will open his doors.

The latest and newest golf project of Mallorca will open his doors.
After more than 9 years planning and construction Golf Son Gual will have a “soft-opening”.

Up to further notice, tee-times will be 10.00h -12.00h with a 15minutes start rhythm. 

With Golf Son Gual, Mallorca is more and more on the way to become one of the great golf destinations in Europe.

The greenfee of Euro 150 stands for a golf experience on a very high level.

The 108 tee boxes will be a challenge for all handicap classes.

Perfect styled and cutted greens with approx. 800 square meters each.

3,5 hectares bunkers and 28 water obstacles.

When you compare the green fee of Golf Son Gual with a perfect dinner in a 2star-Michelin Restaurant, where you would spend a least the same amount of money, the greenfee price is worthwhile. Provided that, the management can keep the high level of standard as well for the leisure parts of the course like public areas and restaurant to justify the highest green fee for a golf course in Mallorca.

With present and upcoming 5-Star hotels and high-class restaurants on the island, we are confident, that Mallorca is ready for a golf course in this price level.