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New Golf Project

Sep 14, 2007 | 17:47:50

President of the majorcan First Division Football Club Real Mallorca, Senor Vicenc Grande, has plans for a new Golf project on the island.

In Mallorca one find golfclubs in all regions, except in the middle of the island. To fill out this unspoiled region, the president of the Mallorca First Division Football Club, Real Mallorca, Senor
Vicenc Grande, is planning a golf course in the region between Porreres and Vilafranca. Beside the golfcourse he wants to change the mansion "Es Pagos" in a Countryhouse Hotel. With other projects included the investment will be around 72 million Euros.
At the moment, these are only plans and as a speaker of the government: "nothing is registered and all is pending".