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Pictures of golf course Son Gual Golf

green hole 18
viw over to hole 18
green -green - green our wintertime
view from fairway 10
green, green, green, tee 1
knocking on heavens door
Augusta ball
snow covered mountain 26.03.15
lets start the game 26.03.15
nice try
what a day
always welcome with a smile
perfect drive
lets start the game
go for birdie
tee shot hole 9 par 3
full power
and a chip and putt for birdie
Treudelberger power drive
dänish dynamite
yes - grip and hit
coach where are you??
perfect setting
end of a nice day
getting real dark
new turf for green 10
tee hole 9
yes or no is the question
try it at green 8
tee shot hole 6 par 5
Proud Manger Mr. Andreas Pamer with the new top of the art GPS system
Gallaway Demo Day at Son Gual
yes, it looks good!!
yes, do it again!!
please concentrate!!
yes I am ready!
early morning frost January 25.11
stylish finish
let him swing
What joker did that?
power shot by power lady Heidi Lübke
Rafael Nadal at tee 10 Golf SON GUAL
Rafael Nadal at tee 1 from Golf SON GUAL
hole 18 after scarifying of the greens and approaches
view from the wineyard around green 18
overview green 9 after top - dressing
Martin Kaymer with Son Gual Vice President Frank Fürhäusser
Son Gual Fairway No. 5, Monday 03.05.10
perfect setting for a round of golf
return to his master
he keeps the course free of seagulls
hands-free kit at tee 8 to order your half way
ready to go
replacement of pichmarks
ready for a perfect day
early morning work
Impression from  March 10 2010
with this classic model the E-class starts with success
prefect design the brand new E- Class Cabrios
a satisfied player
confident player with his shadow caddy
seen at Son Gual
all hands on the green
counting a birdy?
professional support by the coach
third birdy, what a flight
easy tap in
well done  young ladys !!
18th green approach by  DGV female
white dream for few hours on Friday morning 12.02.10
Maximal Travel
Maximal Travel
Maximal Travel
Maximal Travel
harvest of the new olives crop from Son Gual
the new toilet near hole 13 & 17will be soon ready
new rule
Maximal Travel
Maximal Travel
Perfect first tee shot at the Maximal Travel race to Mallorca
Ready for the
all the work for our game
and more drainage
advanced machinery and equipment
sand, sand, sand
this is the way to do it
this is the way to do it
long and hard way to go for the god of the game
Mens Day Tournament 21.07.09 tee shot at hole 1 from Dieter
Mens Day 21.07 tee shot at hole 9 by Dieter
Mens Day 21.07. tee shot hole 9 by Gareth
Mens Day 21.07. tee shot hole 9 by Ralf
Mens Day 21.07. Gareth at tee 16
Albert Riera from FC Liverpool at Son Gual
Fiona keeps the course seagull free
frightening challenge
PGA Senior Qualification:never up never in, anyway at the end you won the ticket
PGA Senior Qualification at Son Gual: first tee shot of the later winner
Florencio Fuentes, Winner of the qualification tournament for the Son Gual PGA Mallorca Senior Open
PGA Senior Qualification.perfect tee shot at hole 9
PGA Senior Qualification: well done
PGA Senior Qualification: birdy attempt
PGA Senior Qualification: good line
PGA Senior Qualification :lets go for it
PGA Senior Qualification: nice try at hole 5
PGA Senior Qualification: hole 17
PGA Senior Qualification: signature hole
PGA Senior Qualification:hole 14 for birdy
PGA Senior Qualification: perfect!!
PGA Senior Qualification:Birdy attempt
PGA Senior Qualification . long long put
PGA Senior Qualification
PGA Senior Qualification
PGA Senior Qualification Round
PGA Senior Qualification at Son Gual: busy driving range
Rafael Nadal and Boris Becker at Golf Son Gual
this is wonderful!!
this is the way as we examine,12 time in a year
explanation of the certificate
Mrs. President Sabine Pamer and Elmar Schreiber with the certificate best course season 07/08
tee 8, place your order for the break after hole 9
1.tournament: Mr. Andreas Pamer from Golf Son Gual receives the trophy for the staff of Son Gual
1.tournament:vip guests of honour
1.tournament:waiting for the presentation of prizes
1.tournament: everthing was with style
1.tournament:relaxed atmosphäre at the terrace
1.tournament: the prices are ready
1.tournament: green 18 - what a beauty
1.tournament:first tee shot with a perfect finish
1.tornament: start at hole 10
1.tournament: start at hole 10
1.tournament: even the half way was with styl
1.tournament: guess - yes or no???
1.tournament: another try
1.tournament: almost
1.tournament:not an easy putt for par
1.tournament: perfect greens
1.tournament: well done young men at hole 10
1.tournament:hole 10,third shot
1.tournament: hole 10, second shot
1.tournament: first tee shot-full concentrated
1.tournament: perfect first tee shot
1.tournament: great golf ballet
1.tournament: always in good mood
1.tournament:The early bird catch the worm
registration for first tournament
two happy and talented student from the Markus Brier Golf Foundation at Son Gual Golf
Another nice try at hole 5 Par 3
Markus Brier at hole 5 par 3 ,at the end he scores a easy birdie
hole 5 Par 3 147m
A nice and easy birdie at hole 4 Par 5
The tutor from the same position for birdie?
guess - eagle or birdie?
Dominic`s eagle putt-lets do it
Markus Bier third shot at the hole 4 Par 5
successful second shot at the Par 5, 507m hole
Perfect second shot at hole 4 Par 5 ?
hole 4 Par 5 ,second shot
Perfect Drive at hole 4 Par 5
During a round of Golf at Son Gual, Markus Brier exhibits  his student his skill
Markus Brier with one of his student at Son Gual Golf
Member of the Markus Brier Golf Foundation at intensive training lesson
PGA Profesional Markus Brier at the driving range of Son Gual Golf
A picture is worth a thousand words.
nothing to complain with this tee shot at hole 9
the perfect opening hole for a round of dream golf
hole 18 with spectacular view to the club house
perfect  posing, but ??
Yes go for it !!
hole 15 ,the signature hole of Son Gual
It is not a dream, it is Son Gual !
perfect tee shot
what a flight!!
final discussion before tee off
Jürgen the brave golfer!!
Jürgens explosion shot
tee 10, yes this is the way to do it!!!
tee 10, perfect shot from a member of the German National Amateur Team
spring feelings at Mallorca in sunny November
flowers in autumn at Mallorca
what a pity, missing the birdie
Putt for birdie??
Son Gual hole 5, par3, nice approach by a member of the German National Amateur Team
German Golf National Amateur Team during their trainingsession at Son Gual
tee 10,green 18 and the old mansion
green 18 with the old mansion
view from green 9 over to the old mansion
hole 4 par 5 with the wine yard on your right
opening hole one - down hill
View from tee one back to the club house
the perfect driving range
This is the Startingpoint for a exceptional round of golf
Overview of the Clubterrace
the friendly staff at the recepcion
Golf Son Gual:proud owner family Mr. Pamer and daughter
Golf Son Gual: what a combination Golf and wine
Son Gual. Overview hole 18
Son Gual hole 18 with Palacio
Son Gual with there own wineyard along several holes
Son Gual. overview
Son Gual:signature hole 15 par 3