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Pictures of golf course Golf Maioris

view from green 11
green hole 10
Birdie ?
tee 1
good try
it looks like....
under monitoring
final shot at hole 18
green hole 4
tee 3 ,par 3
view from tee 2
view over green one to hole two
tee hole one
hole 9 tee shot
green hole 6
tee shot hole 5
first tee shot of the day
green hole 4 , par 5
tee hole 4, par 5
green hole 13, par 3
green hole 10, par 5
friendly starter
perfect drive to start with the game at hole 1
first drive of the day from Anders / Göteborg
tee shot from Juan at hole 1
great golfing day
stylish half way tent
set up - after the tournament
last preparation
secound shot at hole 10
February 18th nice
green hole 10
green hole 9
Peter`s tee shot at hole 4
Ottos tee shot at hole 9 par 4
Otto save the par
tee 3, par 3 with Otto
Peter at tee 2
tee 1 at 08.00h with Peter from Denmark
enjoy friendly service by fair prices
2 more tough holes to go
secound shot at hole 15
fair way 10 with the holy mountain Randa
early bird
Pro Shop
new pro shop
green hole 10
nice place to rest before the long hole par 3
go and do good
guess where to go?
view back from green 9
this is our weather in December with almond blossoms
Luisa highly specialised for rabbit hunt
New Director of Golf Mr.Hector Llanza Ortiz
O happy Golfday
Golf winter in Mallorca
i preferr the green instead of snow and ice
this is a perfect early morning for a round of GOLF
collateral damage
second shot at hole two
tee hole two
early teeshot
view back from green 9
view over green 4
work for the good of our game at green 17
improvement work at green 17
ready for a perfect golf day
Sunrise at Maioris
Real Mallorca Charity: sorry no break
Real Mallorca Charity: lets go for it
Real Mallorca Charity: a satisfied flight
Real Mallorca Charity: yes it will be in
Real Mallorca Charity: not a easy game at all
Real Mallorca Charity, practice before the start
Real Mallorca Charity, Mr. Luengo former Manager of Son Vida & Son Muntaner