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Pictures of golf course Andratx

improvement work at the driving range
view from green 8 over to the new cascade on green 6
improvement work at the chipping area
improvement work at the driving range
redesign green 18
new grill station at the halfway house
view over to the new terrace at the halfway house
tee shot hole 5, par 5
tee hole 4, par 3
tee hole two , par 3
New Pro Shop
New Pro Shop Entrance
nice flight
young and friendly Marshal
better - tiger line
sorry you need a mulligan
full strength
secound shot at hole 3
shop till you drop
friendly staff at the Pro Shop
best place after the tournament
hole in one - faraway
let him fligh - out of bounds
dangerous game
best place after the tournament
nice day at January 09.
well done!!
hole 9 , par 3
Axel at inspection
Bavarian Trio
view over to half way house from green 6
perfect, Ralph the winner
green hole 9
best place on the course
long way to go
lively dicussion in the unique halfway house
the chimney at the half way house burns well
nice tee shot at hole?
recover shot at hole 10
Ralf`s secound shot at hole 5
Peters tee shot at hole 4
nice flight
let the balls fligh like a bird
after lots of good driv's,try the Mercedes Benz Driving Experience
Girls, the tee shot at hole 16 wasen't that bad
Inselradio Golftrophy 2012: let him swing
Inselradio Golftrophy: perfect service
Inselradio Golftrophy 2012
Inselradio Golftrophy:ready to go
VIP guest Mr. Kubicki
Inselradio Golftrophy 2012
after a nice round of golf relaxing at the sun terrace
halfway break
Jukka`s tee shot at hole 3
tee box No. 4 under construction
stylish finish at
let him fly
full concentration at tee 8
Adam Pamer & Michel Harter (Golf Son Gual) at tee 8
Jans secound shot at hole 17
this is golf in January
Peter and Jan in the January sun
the unique half way house
perfect tee shot from Ralf at tee 8
The Mens Captain Peter Zensen at hole 5
play smart
The 10 hole where the new buggy rule apply
New Buggy rule
from left Jesper, Dieter and my self at tee 15
Jesper & Steen our flight partner from Denmark at tee 8
Inselradio Trophy, superb half way caterig
Inselradio Trophy,tee shot hole 8
Inselradio Trophy, nice finish
Inselradio Trophy, ready to go for it
Inselradio Trophy, bag full of presents
Inselradio Trophy, from left Inselradio GM Daniel Vulic and Mr. Andreas Pamer from Golf Son Gual
Inselradio Trophy, table with welcome gift
Inselradio Trophy welcome with smile
25.06. what a drive at hole 8 from Christa
25.06. thank you ladys for the nice round of golf
25.06. Christas perfect finish
25.06. Christas accurate pre shot preparation
25.06. Hildegard perfect shot,dont worry
25.06.09 Tee shot hole 2 from Elke
members day 26.03.09 Per`s drive at hole 13
Members day flight partner from left Michael, Per and H.W.
Members day 26.03.09 , relaxed atmosphere at the half way house
Per from Denmark at hole two
new and better look at tee one
new tee box at hole two
rebuilding the tee box at hole one
repair work on green one
full concentration!!
perfect tee shot - finishd with a par
yes, go for it
perfect finish
yes, it looks good
swedish power
from left: Janina, Per Gram, Christiane
wich challenge
pick your colour and enjoy a perfect drive
get ready for a drive!!
Ryder Cup: too much power
Ryder Cup: it could be too much?!
Ryder Cup: well done and nice finsh
Ryder Cup:hole 11 is one of the tough hole
Ryder Cup: yes, it will be in
Ryder Cup: no way!!
Ryder Cup: Golf is like live- some times full of bitterness
Ryder Cup: the visiting team needs this point
Ryder Cup: putt attempt from the home team with green cap
Ryder Cup:nice approach from the austrian team with white cap
perfect course condition for Ryder Cup Team match
Hi guys ! It`s time for a break
another lousy shot !
what a boring game !
the outstanding half way house service 27.12.07
perfect swing at hole 8, 27.12.07
hole 8, you need a straigt drive, 27.12.07
hole 8, tee shot 27.12.07
at hole  three green bunker 27.12.07
hole two Birdie attempt 27.12.07
Ralf`s chip at hole 18
Willy and Dieter after a similar tee shot hat hole14
Succesfull tee shot from Willy at hole 8
Ralf`s best tee shot at hole 8
Willy it loks nice - but only you know??
Dieter`s tee shot at hole 4, par 3
Ralf`s tee shot at hole 4, par 3
Willy lets finish this putt
still a happy flight
Nice service in the heat of the summer from the Marshall team with the could towel service
Andraty members day: congratulation to the winner
Andratx members day: speach of the MC
Andratx members day:it is  soo nice on the terrace
Andratx members day: relaxing after the game
Andratx members day: finale hole,but long way to go
Andratx members day: full power from austria
Andratx members day.Marshall with a smile
Andratx members day: fully concentration prior departure
Andratx members day: looks good!!
Andratx members day: let her swing
Andratx Members Day: let her swing
Andratx Members Day: fully concentration prior to departure
Halfway House
Landscape View
view over green 6 and 8 to the outstanding halfway house
the starter has everything under control
ready for the 19th hole
green 18, all on the green
last chip of the day
nice back swing
yes it looks good
tee shot at hole 15
long way to go and down hill
yes it was a fresh beeze
well done,it will be a sandy par
tricky bunker shot at hole 9
hole 9 ,par 3
tee shot at hole 8
yes, a nice approache
everybody is busy
green 3, nice try