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Pictures of golf course Puntiro

green 10
first tee shot of the day
hole one , second shot
hole in one car is waiting
tee hole 15, par 4, hdcp 2
the course is ready
lets start the game with some sweets and coffe
Bernardo, for eagle?
Bernardo, great shot
Stefan, long way to go
Stefans tee shot
9 hole Wednesday tournament
hole 2 white tee
view from tee hole 15
one for par, one for ???? green 13, par 3
green hole 6, par 3
hole 2, par 3
tee 2 , par 3
IGM Membersday, ready to go for the first flight
IGM Membersday , last instruction from Head Pro
Golfpark Puntiro
Golfpark Puntiro
Golfpark Puntiro
IGM ork shop with PGA Pro Mike Karl
IGM work shop with PGA Pro Mike Karl
IGM work shop with PGA Pro Mike Karl
29.01.  a great day on a golf course
bunker with love!!!
the early bird catches the score
wait and see Sta. Claus
easy chip and putt for Sta. Claus
well done Sta. Claus
deep in the forest!! Sta Claus
ho ho ho by him self
nice flght partners
Oktoberfesttournament its hard to hit the ball in such environments
Oktoberfesttournament part of the bavarian style buffet
Oktoberfesttournament price giving
Oktofesttournament 2012
Oktoberfesttournament by truly bavarian weather white - blue sky
nearly  perfect drive at hole 15
dont worry you not that far
tee shot at hole 15
blue sky no wind and 20° golfers dream at 06.12.2011
IGM Sta. Claus tournament 2011
perfect weather for a round of golf at 06.12.2011
IGM Nikolausturnier 2011
IGM Nikolausturnier 2011
good ambience
satisfied winner for the Real team
nice chat after the tournament
healthy food
plenty to go
Grill station after
Grill after the tournament
1.IGM Member Meeting
1. IGM Member Meeting  06.04.11
final putt of the day, IGM Inaugural Tournament
the game can be so easy, IGM Inaugural Tournament
perfect bunker shot, IGM Inaugural Tournament
Green Bunker at hole 18, IGM Inaugural Tournament
Pure Golf Life, IGM Inaugural Tournament
easy even from the bunker  IGM Inaugural Tournament
yes you can do it, IGM Inaugural Tournament
great golf at hole 10 during the IGM Inaugural Tournament
Michel Harter at fairway 15
final faiway shot of the day and ready for tomorrows tournament
believe it or not it becomes a good birdie attempt
do it again Michel!!
Birdie attempt at green 15
nice tee shot at hole 9 from the man in black
Kindly note the new 90° buggy rule
Marks perfect tee shot at hole 16
Mark it look still good
Marks second attempt
Mark, try it again !!
looks still god
hole 8,young Mark with a challenging tee shot
Puntiro:wrong club - try it agin
Puntiro: after the fog-bright sunshine again
Puntiro.let`s hope
Puntiro: foggy tee shot - foggy bunker shot
Puntiro, yes we also have fog in the early morning
Puntiro,nice and friendly introduction to Puntiro
Puntiro,what a differnce to the practice wing
Puntiro,hole15 practice swing
Puntiro,second shot to the green
Puntiro,green 18th hole