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Pictures of golf course Alcanada

tee shot to remember
nice gimmick at tee 7
from Sweden with power
my fellow player from Sweden
nice try
nice try
last instruction
lets go boys
lets drive
the right way to wait patiently
in the heat of the day
turned out to be a fine one
the lighthouse is the target
ferry-boat to Menorca / Barcelona
first drive of the day
ready for a round
nice finish
thanks to the sponsor
waiting for the price giving
after the game
Inselradio Golftrophy
renewed chipping green
after the high season, new tee boxes
early bird - early ferry to Menorca
that`s the place to be
last tee shop of the day
view from tee 7
green hole 6
what a view
nice idea at hole 10
18th green
just unbeatable!!
Wintergolf in Mallorca  - like it?
perfect opening drive
Golf Alcanada
well done Rafael at the green bunker at hole 10
Rafael Nadal is not only on a clay tennis court unbeatable
stay calm by this view
what a flight at tee 3
what a  view
yes done well
nice chip to save the par
more spectators
brilliant bunker shot to win the hole
spectators at hole 5
secound shot at hole three
perfect approach at hole two
the two finalist at tee 1 of the secound 18 hole
Copa S.M. El Rey
Copa S.M. El Rey
Copa S.M. El Rey
Copa S. M.El Rey
Roman from PRAG at tee 1
Jose Louis  with a perfect drive
the brand new GPS System
Jose Louis  with a perfect drive
Jose Louis from the great wine area
perfect drive with a nice view
my flight partner Roman from Prag
young professionals
my favorite restaurant after the game
believe it or not that`s me
Pro with his group at tee 10
hole 11 with dream view
heaviest hole No 8
routine at the putting green
believe it or not he give you confidence
believe it or not he give you confidence
the best inmovation since??
with the help of a friend - for a better score
with my new friend the Sahdow Caddy
Presentation of the TÜV Award
this is Mallorca / Alcanada
brand new GPS System now in operation
oh happy day !!
just wonderful
tee 3, new challenge
well done Gabi
hole 2 ,Gabis secound shot
rise of a new golf day
early November mornig
Jost from Eindhoven at tee 11,bevore his monster drive
Jost and Evelyn from Eindhoven at the lady tee 7
Happy couple from Eindhoven at tee 11
Evelyn from Eindhoven at tee 7
from left proud owner of Alcanada Mr. H.P. Porsche
back view at hole 17 / 22.12.08
the legendary Sea Cloud at Alcanada
what a perfect day  22.12.08
flooded stretch after todays thunderstorm
View back from green 12 after todays 13.11.08 horrible thunderstorm
Alcanada 24.8.: new green at hole 9, almost ready to play
Alcanada 24.8.: new design of hole 14
Alcanada 24.8.: redesign of hole 14
Alcanada 24.8.: view over the new green at hole 7
Alcanada 24.8.: perfect new green at hole 1
Alcanada 24.8.: hole 1, new green
the new green at hole 6, par 3
view over the new greens at hole 5 & 6
the new green at hole one, already green
overview over the new green 9 and the new putting aerea
construction work at new green 18
view back over green and fairway 7
Manager Kristoff Both at green 7
this is not the caribean - it is MALLORCA / Alcanada
What a Pre - Christmas impression at Mallorca
Early morning impression
Mr. Tarnat knows to strike
second shot at hole 8,Par4 Hdcp.1
former international soccer player from FC Bayern Torsten Fink
Yes it is Mr. Michael Tarnat  international soccer player from germany
This gentlemen know how to handle difficult situation
time for a bite
chip and run from ?? at hole 8 Par4,Hdcp1
Former international goalkeeper from FC Bayern München
well done Mr.????
keep swinging
concentrated work at the driving range
concentrated attention with the coach by study the video
yes,it looks good !!
Bright sunshine for a great and bright mindet team
The German Junior National Team
view back from tee 8, like in paradise!!
hole 7, Chris second shot
hole 7, second shot - what a dream
hole 7, Alcanada at its best
hole 5, well done Gertrud
hole 5, please break!!
hole 5, Gertrud`s putt attempt
hole 5, Chris this is the way to putt !!!
tiger line tee shot from Chris at hole 3
final putt at hole one from Wulf
third shot at hole one
Chris and the starter at hole one
Proud Hedgreenkeeper and Golf Director with receiving the Award
Green 9,stormy day but fun
Green 11, what a break
Yes, this is GOLF
Perfect Drive at hole 11
Find your partner and get ready
practice, practice
training for the right touch
Driving Range
Putting Green
Pro Shop with style